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Coronavirus has thrown the digital divide into stark relief with many vulnerable families and young people excluded from education, and social support due to a lack of suitable equipment at home. We can’t solve the whole of this problem, but we are actively working to address it locally.

ROC Woking is working with Mascot to provide re-conditioned laptops for vulnerable families. If you have a laptop that is no longer needed for your purposes, there may be a family that would greatly value it for online schooling, accessing social support, etc.

We are hugely grateful to everyone that has been able to donate a laptop so far, if you would like to join them in supporting vulnerable families in your neighbourhood we would love to accept any working laptop in good condition with a power cable.

All equipment will be tested and securely wiped. We will then install the required programs and distribute via schools to families that are in need.  If a machine is not suitable, the parts will be recycled responsibly.

If you don’t have a laptop to donate but would still like to help we also need cash donations to pay for 4G connectivity. A laptop is only useful if it can access online learning materials and 12% of young people (700,000 nationally) do not have access at home. Please consider supporting a young person here.

How to donate

You can donate your laptop following the COVID-safe procedure below:

  • Please ensure the laptop is fully turned off (not in sleep mode)

  • Download and complete a donation form

  • Place the laptop in a plastic bag, clear if possible together with the power cable.

  • Take the laptop to the Mascot Hub in Sheerwater


We are open  are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am till 4.00pm Please wear a mask at the Hub and follow our COVID guidelines prominently displayed

Mascot Hub

43 Dartmouth Ave,



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