Brief History

  The Maybury and Sheerwater Community Trust (MASCOT) came into being in July 2011. St Paul's Church, Maybury, and St Michael's  Church, Sheerwater, came together with the common aim of supporting the community in Maybury and Sheerwater. Working together with the local authorities, local voluntary and community groups, and the residents of these areas of Woking, Mascot’s vision is to look to strengthen community and promote transformation.

  Over the course of two and a half years much of the background work was carried out by our management committee to get the vision off the ground. Finally in February 2014 The MASCOT Hub is where  work began. It is situated in the main parade of shops in Sheerwater and has itself gone through transformation from being a former hairdressers shop to a welcoming facility for us as a trust, for  community  organizations and agencies to engage with local residents. The transformation was a collaborative effort between Woking Borough Council, Brewers Decorating Merchant (Woking), the MASCOT management committee and  local volunteers. 

   A few months later after activities were under way in Sheerwater the focus turned to starting work in the Maybury area. The location chosen were the spacious and welcoming community halls at St.Paul's Church.

   After five years of work and in order to compliment the activities already being run, Mascot appointed a Community Development Manager to broaden the services we can offer by working more closely with local individuals who want to champion causes within our area.

The aims of the trust are to:

1.Identify the underlying causes of deprivation and  social  exclusion  in  Maybury  and Sheerwater and environs. 


2. Address  the identified causes through targeted projects. Causes may include financial hardship, family breakdown, insecurity and social and cultural integration.

3.Act as a catalyst facilitating collaborative initiatives with partners in the area.

4.Act as a catalyst stimulating resources already in the community, 

supporting self-help groups and offering ‘best­practice’ models.

5.Be a sustainable organization and a channel for resources which 

responds to perceived needs with appropriate monitoring processes.

6. To participate in this service as an expression of Christian faith, but serving all the people in the community irrespective of their religious views and without any need or requirement that beneficiaries change their own religious views.

The Maybury and Sheerwater Community Trust are very grateful for the support of Woking Borough Council